Friday, February 13, 2009

My blog is moving: This is the last post here

I have been working really hard for the past month on my new brand, Rustin Michael. I also created a new website and blog. You won't notice many changes with the blog but my website is all new. This blog will remain online but will no longer be updated. Just go over to to see the new look.

My new blog is located at See you there!

Here is a shot of my new logo (thanks to Steve McAdam of Transitional Progress), the new splash page, and two shots of my new business cards.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Change is coming!

I have been hard at work trying to meet my first goal for 2009. I actually have been working so hard that I haven't sat down to write out my goals for this year. I have them in my head and what you see below is one of them. Stay tuned for the end of the month.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Favorites of '08

It is the last day of 2008. This past year I shot some amazing weddings and traveled all over our great country. I feel like I have done my best work this past year and look forward to applying some of the things I have learned to 2009. There are so many images I have shot this past year that I am proud to call my own. It was hard for me to narrow down my selection to just 10 images, so I decided to do two separate categories. First are my 10 favorite wedding images from the past year. Followed by 10 favorites from other times I took out my camera. The smaller images are from before I redesigned my blog.

From Matt & Gretchen's wedding.

From Augusto & Sandra's wedding.

From Andrew & Keeshia's wedding.

From Kevin & Amanda's wedding.

From Marty & Nancy's wedding.

From Nic & LaCrista's wedding.

From Jeremy & Heidi's wedding.

From Alex & Colleen's wedding.

From my first outing with my new Canon 5D.

From when we went to visit the elephant seals.

From Hope in the City. Posts 1, 1.5, 2, 3.

From the birth of my son, Gideon.

From Gideon at 1 week.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Testing out my new camera

Last week I finally received my Canon 5D Mark II after waiting what felt like an eternity. Canon announced the new 5D back on September 17th. I pre-ordered the body that same day hoping to get it as soon as they started shipping. Canon said they would start shipping by the end on November. I paid for next day shipping hoping I would get it last month in time for Alex & Colleen's wedding so I could test it out.

A couple cool things about the Canon 5D Mark II that really made me want to get it are the 21.1 mega pixel sensor, the ability to shoot at higher ISOs for lower light situations, and the rocking 1080P HD video it can record.

This past weekend I brought the camera with me to our small group Christmas party. I didn't shoot as much as I wanted, I was having fun playing with Gideon and hanging out with my friends. Here are some shots, mostly of Gideon testing out ISOs 800-3200.

This next photo is an old one from a previous post of the three pregnant women in our small group. Left to right: Vic, Victoria, and Corrie.

Here is the updated photo.

Here are a couple video clips I shot to test out the new camera. These are reduced for the web but you should see the amazing quality straight out of the camera.

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