Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday fun

This weekend we had an old friend come to visit us. My buddy Phil from Bel Air, MD came to enjoy some great meals, conversations, and fun. Phil and his family own one of my favorite places to eat back in MD, C.R. Wings which is located in Bel Air. Even though I can't visit C.R. Wings as often as I would like anymore, Phil was nice enough to bring some of his special wing sauce and a couple other tips so Victoria and I can enjoy some great wings in Los Angeles.

On Saturday we headed to the Griddle Cafe on Sunset Blvd for a yummy breakfast to start the day. After that we headed over to The Getty to enjoy the view, weather, and some art. Here are some pictures I took while we were at The Getty.


My beautiful wife

Here she is at 15 weeks pregnant and looking more beautiful every day.

A humming bird we saw at The Getty

The Getty

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How Soon?

I was just checking out the site for one of my favorite places to eat back on the east coast and I noticed something was different when I clicked on locations. The map, as seen below, now has CA colored red indicating that there is a location in California.

I clicked on California hoping that it wouldn't be that far away. I was surprised and excited when the location came up as:

Carson, CA - Coming Soon
Location: Southbay Pavillion
20700 Avalon Blvd, Carson, CA 90746
See Map Location

Jackpot! Only about 15 miles away. I don't know when it opens but hope it is really soon. Make sure you check out the Five Guys Burgers & Fries website. I still love In-N-Out and The Counter but am excited that I won't have to wait for a trip to the East Coast for Five Guys.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Coming Mid-October

I can't wait to start taking my own pictures of our little one! God is Awesome!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Catching Up

Sorry it has been several weeks since I have last posted. The past couple of weeks have been crazy with a trip to the east coast, a late night drive back from Vegas, finding a new place to live one week before we were scheduled to move, packing, and unpacking.

My trip back east at the begining of March was great. I had a great time catching up with friends and family and photographing Matt & Gretchen. I also spent 2 days photographing the NFL Ed Block Courage Awards while in Baltimore. Many of the images I shot are already being used on NFL team websites and in publications. Since many of the images I shot are licenced by the NFL, I have to wait to get my images approved before posting.

After getting back to Baltimore I only had a few days before heading off to Vegas for WPPI. I had a great time at WPPI even though my trip was cut very short. I got in late Saturday night to catch the Fast Track Photographer Workshop with Dane Sanders on Sunday. I had a great time at the workshop and had a chance to meet several great photographers. Monday was the first day of WPPI. I had a great time checking out the tradeshow and catching Yervant and Jesh De Rox during their platform presentations. Sadly I had to head home late Monday night due to a company breaking a written and verbal agreement. On Monday night after the Yervant presentation I got a call letting us know that the new apartment we were planning to move into was given to someone else. The fusterating part is that we had a written and verbal agreement and a date to pick up the keys. So after talking to my wife, Victoria, I decieded to drive home and look for a new place to live with only a little over a week before our scheduled move. I left Las Vegas at 11:00 pm for a 4.5 hour drive home.

So now it is April and we are nearly all unpacked. The move to our new place went smothly and we had an amazing group of friend and family give us a hand. Time Waner cable did not show up when we had made an appointment so I went nearly a week without internet. I am now connected again and catching up on my work. I am thankful that my clients have been very patient and understanding.

At the place we just moved out of, we lived on the first floor and had a pool view. The pool closed at 10pm but on several occasions people would break the rules at all hours of the night (1am, 4am, 6am) and wake us up. We are now in a new complex on the top floor. Here is the view we get from our balcony. I know the picture is small and the view isn't outstanding but I really like it. Make sure you check out the notes below the image.

1. The Hollywood sign
2. Griffith Observatory
3. Activision. I sometimes see people outside with motion capture suits on. They must be working on a new version of Guitar Hero.
4. I love mountains.

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